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honestly you have the best taste in books,every time you post something I make mental note to read it and I'm always like "yesss",hope you"ll have a good day!

(▰˘◡˘▰)  this is a very very very nice message that made me very very very happy!! i also hope you’ll have a good day sweet anon!!! ♡ if you want some recs don’t be afraid of sending me an ask! 

❝ My fondest dream is that it will be the date movie that breaks up couples nationwide. Maybe people will walk out of there and think, ‘Maybe not. I don’t know if I know you well enough.’ ❞
—— Gillian Flynn on Gone Girl (2014), dir. David Fincher (via paulthomasandersonn)


2013 reads | Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

I ignore people who need me and latch on to people who don’t. I dive into every other world except my own just because I want something more glamorous than my real life. I do destructive shit so a stupid hypocritical fish will like me.

I fall for fish instead of girls.

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I'm enjoying your Secret History tag - what are your thoughts on Camilla/Charles? You kind of alluded to it in your tags but I wondered what you thought about them as people and their relationship more specifically.

This is a complicated question to answer so I’m sure this will be a mess. But I’ll try to order my opinion for you. Also, i’m really happy that someone cares enough about my thoughts enough to ask! Sorry if this is disappointing. 

I think I (simply) stated in my tags that I wasn’t here for romanticizing Charles/Camilla because of consent issues but that I still found their relationship deeply fascinating.  That’s mostly true.

How to start? It’s easy to erase the abusive sides of their relationship and that’s problematic. It’s okay to enjoy them but let’s not pretend that it was 100% consensual. By the end of the book Camilla clearly had problems with it and Charles wouldn’t respect her limits. IMO he saw her more as an extension of himself (a side of him he could love) than as a person –and because of that he couldn’t understand her choices outside of him (ex: living with Henry. Charles mostly blames Henry for it as if Camilla had zero agency).

////BUT////  because /flop/ Richard is the narrator we can’t just assume all of the things he’s saying are true. Richard is the product of patriarchy (here’s a great post about it) and Camilla is the only girl “in a boys club” so she exemplifies all of his projections and desires (another one). Camilla is the “least developed” character because Richard sees her that way. I also believe he wants to make her fit into all of his (patriarchal) stereotypes because he can’t (or chooses not to) see the complexities in her. So of course he paints her as the victim with no agency! I don’t believe for a second that Camilla is as submissive (for lack of a better word) as Richard believes. The scene where Francis tells him that he can notice how Camilla is playing with him (saying she does the same Charles does to him) is very important because we see Francis POV on Camilla and he’s the only one of the boys that doesn’t sexualize her (maybe not the *only* one because reading Henry as asexual is totally valid/can be supported by text). Francis also says that Camilla and Charles only care about each other. That’s also really important.   

The great (and sometimes irritating) thing about Camilla is that because of Richard’s basic view of her we have to read her character between the lines.  Because of that there are a lot of ways of interpreting her – and none of them are wrong. I love Camilla because I see her as someone who plays misogyny to her benefit, as someone who can transform into different male desires depending on who’s standing in front of her – to survive.

Every time I read a Richard/Camilla scene I wanted her to run away while when I read Charles/Camilla moments I always wanted to read more. In conclusion: There are abusive tones in their relationship but I don’t think Camilla is as defenseless as Richard narrates. Charles and Camilla are playing a ~~dangerous ~~ game of power and control through the book and that’s what interests me. In the last Camilla scenes we see that she and Charles have lost communication –she stopped an unhealthy relationship but she’s also clearly unhappy about it.  So it’s not a black and white situation.

These are a few of my thoughts!! If you have more specific questions I’ll gladly answer. I’m a lil’ bit embarrassed because all the opinions on this fandom are so intelligent and well-said and THEN THERE’S ME. Any mistakes are because i’m answering this by memory.  Also: i really need to re-read TSH. 


[1/10] white is for witching by helen oyeyemi

"In Narnia a girl might ring a bell in a deserted temple and feel the chime in her eyes, pure as the freeze that forces tears. Then when the sound dies out, the White Witch wakes. It was like, I want to touch you, and I can touch you, now what next, a dagger?"


les misérables fancast: [1/?]

chiwetel ejiofor as jean valjean, javier bardem as javert, gugu mbatha-raw as fantine, jessica sula as cosette, dave franco as marius, zoë kravitz as éponine, vincent cassel as thénardier, octavia spencer as mme thénardier, quvenzhané wallis as gavroche, aneurin barnard as montparnasse


Watch the first trailer for Xavier Dolan's Cannes winner Mommy.

"I know you did," she said. "But it’s not enough."

He is half of my soul, as the poets say.

He will be dead soon and his honor is all that will remain. It is his child, his dearest self. Should I reproach him for it? I have saved Briseis I cannot save them all. I know, now, how I would answer Chiron. I would say: there is no answer.

Whichever you choose, you are wrong.